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Gunnel Hag – Printed and Dyed Fabrics; a Journey of Beauty

This event takes place on 9th April 2022 from 4:30pm to 6:30pm and will take place at Zoom. It is a Guild event being organised by Jan Allston, .

 Gunnel Hag studied Textiles in Stockholm and London and now lives in Toronto. For over 30 years she has owned and operated Trees Textile Designers and Printers in Toronto, where she printed and dyed fabrics for film and theatre companies in Canada and the United States. 

She has received many grants and awards for her work. Gunnel was a professor in the Textile Studio at the School of Crafts and Design in Oakville, Ontario for twelve years and has published two books: ‘Creating Texture’ and ‘Creating Texture: Soft Textures’. 

Her lecture “Printed and Dyed Fabrics - A Journey of Beauty” is an introduction to the magic of colour and pattern in printed and dyed fabrics from around the world as well as hand printed and painted fabrics which can be created at home and incorporated into quilts or other projects. 

Gunnel will take us on a visual textile trip to experience the beauty of printed fabrics and the techniques used in producing some exquisite textiles. Sit back, get inspired and enjoy.