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Talk by Janet McCallum Quilts and Commissions

This event takes place on 22nd January 2022 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm and will take place at Zoom. It is a Guild event being organised by Jan Allston, .

Quilts & Commissions

Janet McCallum is a graphic designer and textile artist who started with simple diamond shapes. The badly made tea cosy has long since disappeared. Most of you will have seen her graphic design work since she is part of the editorial team producing The Quilter magazine for The Quilters’ Guild.

Janet will tell you about her first commission for Salisbury Hospital and how a chance remark led to swapping wall-hangings for designer jackets way beyond her normal means.

Her current work uses hand-dyed, painted and screen printed fabric produced by herself. The lockdown has taught her that she is in no danger of running out of material in this lifetime.