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Susan Oxley

I love sewing by machine and making all sorts of different quilts. However, I am much more skilled as a teacher than as a quilter! I have made 26 quilts in total and would like to get to 50 quilts before I go drifting off to the Quilters' Bridge in the sky and as I am 67 at present I might make it if I get a move on and get on with the UFOs.
I am also a professional writer, and have written articles for Patchwork and Quilting as well as other magazines, poems, short stories and text books. We have recently moved to Northumberland where I have started a quilting group called Patches, with just over 20 members. I also started a group in Glastonbury in Somerset 4 years ago called Avalon Quilters and they are going strong without me, which is great, if a bit sad!
We are about to be adopted by another tri-coloured Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, which is marvellous as I love breeding animals as well - dogs, cats, chickens, my motto is 'If it moves, breed it.' People want pets, and want to buy from someone who cares about health and loves their animals and that's what I do.
What else? I also love to cook, garden, knit and embroider. My daughters say I have ADHD, which isn't true, just them being funny, but I do like to be busy. Most of all I like being involved in my local church, not really surprising for an ex RE teacher - 25 years at the chalk face and I still miss it.