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January 2022 YQ 100 Club Winners

The winners for January 2022 are: 1st prize -   Carol Evans                         … (read more)

27 January 2022

Sue Ridgwell Challenge at Conference

The Sue Ridgwell Challenge is open to all Guild members and exhibited at conference.  This year the… (read more)

26 January 2022

12 Days of Giving

Ecclesiastical Insurance are giving £1,000 to 10 charities for 12 days in the run up to Christmas.… (read more)

9 December 2021

President steps down

Our current President, Sheri Warren, has decided to step down.  She has served on the board of trustees… (read more)

22 November 2021

Janome celebrate their centenary with a fantastic giveaway for new Guild members

FANTASTIC GIVEAWAY! To celebrate their centenary, which falls on 16th October 2021, Janome are generously… (read more)

13 October 2021

The Festival of Quilts 2021 - What you need to know

The organisers of The Festival of Quilts (Immediate Live) have been in touch to give an update about… (read more)

16 June 2021

The Quilters' Guild AGM and Virtual Conference 2021

The Quilters' Guild of the British Isles will be holding its online AGM at 09.00 am on Saturday,… (read more)

22 February 2021

Save the Date

We've been working hard to keep you all busy over the few months and the upcoming ones are no different!… (read more)

8 November 2020

Beyond Festival of Quilts Portrait Competition

News of the new competition organised by the team at Beyond Knitting and Stitching Show.  For more… (read more)

15 October 2020

National Heritage Lottery Funding

Great News! We are delighted to announce that The Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles has been awarded… (read more)

1 October 2020

AUTUMN 2020 NEWS from Pauline & Charlie at Allanbank Mill Steading

Come and visit the home and studios of  Pauline Burbidge & Charlie Poulsen We still have a few… (read more)

29 August 2020

Online tutors and speakers

During lockdown our usual round of Guild events and those with our local sewing groups were put on hold.… (read more)

27 August 2020

Online talks and workshop providers

The list is now live During lockdown our usual round of Guild events and those with our local sewing… (read more)

31 July 2020

UPDATE on dates for Bienniale Internationale d'Art Textile 2020

Please note that organisers of the Bienniale Internationale d'Art Textile 2020 in Beaujolais, France,… (read more)

10 June 2020

A huge thank you to all our volunteers

June 1st to 7th 2020 is Volunteers’ week. As a national charity we are almost entirely reliant on… (read more)

1 June 2020

8th European Quilt Triennial 2020

The entry form of the 8th European Quilt Triennial 2021 is now available. It can be ordered from Textilsammlung… (read more)

24 May 2020

Staying Home - staying safe

A project to connect Quilters’ Guild members whilst in isolation The last few months have seen us… (read more)

13 May 2020

VE Day quilts: Heritage Patchwork and Quilts from the 1940s

Join The Quilters' Guild Museum Collection as we take a look at how people celebrated V.E. day with… (read more)

10 May 2020

Crafting during Coronavirus

2 NEW RESEARCH STUDIES: Calling all stitchers, makers, creatives and crafters. Two pieces of research… (read more)

29 April 2020

a-n Bursaries: Time Space Money

a-n The Artists Information Company would like to share with you the final report from our recent Covid-19… (read more)

26 April 2020

Spotlight @ 40 (part 4 of 6)

This is the fourth in our six part series on the quilts submitted from around the UK for our special… (read more)

13 April 2020

Spotlight @ 40 (part 5 of 6)

This is the fifth in our six part series on the quilts submitted from around the UK for our special… (read more)

13 April 2020

Spotlight @ 40 (part 6 of 6)

This is the final in our six part series on the quilts submitted from around the UK for our special… (read more)

13 April 2020

Spotlight @ 40

  Spotlight@40   Festival of Quilts  2019    Part 1 of 6:  Regions 1-4  The quilts in this gallery… (read more)

6 April 2020

Spotlight @ 40 (Part 2 of 6)

This is the second in our 6 part series on the quilts submitted from around the UK for our special anniversary… (read more)

6 April 2020

Spotlight @ 40 (part 3 of 6)

This is the third in our six part series on the quilts submitted from around the UK for our special… (read more)

6 April 2020

Time to renew your membership?

The good news is that if you have given us your email address, we'll send your membership renewal notification… (read more)

1 April 2020

Contacting the Guild

Due to Covid-19 restrictions our staff are now involved in remote working so we would be very grateful… (read more)

19 March 2020

2020 Conference & AGM

We are very sorry to inform you that due to Covid-19 restrictions the Guild Conference and AGM in Stirling on… (read more)

19 March 2020

Your Guild needs you – exciting national roles for volunteers

Your Guild needs you – exciting national roles for volunteers The Quilters’ Guild relies on volunteers… (read more)

3 March 2020

FoQ Early Bird booking

Early booking for Festival of Quilts has been postponed until sometime in April. We will update the… (read more)

3 March 2020

Wee Sewing Notions Tombola at AGM and Conference 2020

"Wee Sewing Notions" is the theme for the fundraising Tombola to be held at the Conference and AGM… (read more)

26 January 2020

Update to Conference 2020 Programme

Please note that the Ellie Remijnse:  Switch! workshop scheduled for Friday, 17 April 2020 will be… (read more)

26 January 2020

Bromley Coffee Mornings

 Dates for your diary: Coffee mornings. 10am - 2pm 22nd January 2020 4th March 2020 29th April 2020… (read more)

22 January 2020

Mary Ann Gift

 There will be a sale of the Mary Ann Gift fabric on the following dates: January 18th, 19th, 21st,… (read more)

18 January 2020

In conversation with the Quilters' Guild

The Guild is taking part in a new initiative Prosper North which is a free business support programme… (read more)

26 December 2019

Amazon Smile fundraising

As we know you’ll be starting your Christmas shopping soon(!) the guild's business manager, Christine… (read more)

15 November 2019

Flash Sales Continue

Region 2 of the Quilters Guild has been given the stash from a member who has recently died. The quality… (read more)

30 October 2019

Questionnaire for Sussex members

Calling all Sussex members (and those on the borders with Sussex) Please could you take a few minutes… (read more)

27 October 2019

World Mental Health Day and The Arts Council!

Check out this update from the Arts Council about their research into the  links between Art, Culture… (read more)

13 October 2019

Flash Sale Sequal

Following on from our successful flash sale in Godstone last Saturday where we sold about 20% of the… (read more)

7 October 2019

Red Manor Block of the Month

FIRST PATTERN DUE OUT 1st OCTOBER 2019!!!! Only a few days to wait until the first block appears in… (read more)

23 September 2019

Lullingstone Quilt & Craft Festival 2019

All the quilts are hung at Lullingstone Castle.  Do come along for a look at the quilts, craft stalls… (read more)

19 July 2019

Lullingstone Quilt & Craft Festival 2019 - A call for help!

Region 2 - your quilts need you! Plans for the Quilt & Craft Festival at Lullingstone Castle from… (read more)

17 July 2019

World Garden Tombola - Lullingstone Quilt Show

Help us raise some funds for Two's Company and Young Quilters again this year please!  Make us something… (read more)

17 July 2019

Gail Lawther Workshop Twilight Silhouettes

It was hot, it was sunny, it was Saturday and it was time for our Twilight Silhouettes workshop at the… (read more)

29 June 2019

Region 2 Quilt Stand Hire

Region 2 has a very large collection of wooden quilt stands and 6 metal ones (tripod style). If anyone… (read more)

19 June 2019

Founder Members' Bursary

One of the many benefits of being a Quilters Guild member is the opportunity to apply for one of its… (read more)

13 June 2019

Quercus Quilt Show

The Quercus Quilt Show was held in Sevenoaks on Saturday 16th March.  A total of 97 quilts were entered… (read more)

16 March 2019

Philippa Naylor Workshops

Two fabulous workshops with Philippa Naylor at the beginning of March.  The first was on curved piecing… (read more)

1 March 2019

Lullingstone Quilt & Craft Festival 2019

As you all know, we have now said goodbye to Hever Castle and 27 years of lovely quilt shows there. … (read more)

28 February 2019

Doughty's Roadshow

  Doughty’s Roadshow 2018 It was cold and raining when we arrived at the church hall in Polegate… (read more)

24 November 2018

Quilt Stand Hire

Region 2 now has a good supply of around 90 very sturdy wooden quilt stands as well as the 6 metal telepscopic… (read more)

19 November 2018

Exhibitions Officer assistant

The committee decided that it would be a good idea for the Exhibitions Officer to have an assistant… (read more)

18 November 2018

YQ at Hever 2018

What a wonderful weekend we had with the sun shining almost all of the time. We were able to show off… (read more)

2 September 2018

Hever Quilt Show 2018

 Hever Quit Show 31st August - 2nd September.  Yesterday, 30th August, a group of enthusiastic ladies… (read more)

31 August 2018

AA2A - Artists Access to Art Colleges

The AA2A project (Artists Access to Art Colleges) is offering over 50 placements, giving artists and… (read more)

3 August 2018

Sandown 2018

National Quilt Championships 2018  Jan Allston was at Sandown Park Racecourse and reported that although… (read more)

22 June 2018

Sevenoaks Regional Day

The Sevenoaks Regional Day was held at the Sevenoaks Community Centre on Saturday 12th May 2018. The… (read more)

12 May 2018

Is this your year to enter a quilt at FoQ?

If you are thinking about entering a quilt at Festival of Quilts do consider entering one of the Guild… (read more)

10 April 2018

Chichester Regional Day

Congratulations to Deirdre Hoggarth who won the Chichester Regional Day Challenge 2018. Sandra Tremlett… (read more)

3 March 2018

North Kent Rep - Do you fancy taking over the role?

Beryl Connelly has been the North Kent Rep for the last 3 ½ years and is now looking for someone to… (read more)

31 December 2017

AGM tombola

The tombola at the AGM in 2018 will feature cases for tablets and e-readers.  The team are busy making… (read more)

9 November 2017

Hever Star Quilt Workshop by Regan Purcell

The Hever raffle prize this year was Judi Kirk’s spectacular star quilt, kindly long arm quilted by… (read more)

7 October 2017

Friends of the Collection

A  new initiative called,  Friends of the Collection gives participants more opportunities to view… (read more)

4 October 2017

Hever Quilt Show

This year's annual Hever Quilt Show was held 1st-3rd September 2017 organised by Debra Stock and her… (read more)

2 September 2017

Raffle Quilt

The Hever Quilt Show September 1st/2nd/3rd September, the Raffle is in aid of The Quilters' Guild of… (read more)

1 September 2017

The Hever Quilt Show

The Hever Quilts have all been hung today, 31st August, under the guidance of Debra Stock, her team… (read more)

1 September 2017

The Hever Quilt Show Tombola 1st/2nd/3rd September 2017

Foxes are needed for the Hever tombola! Large, small, fat, thin – foxes in all shapes and sizes. They… (read more)

31 August 2017

Festival of Quilts

Festival of Quilts is coming up! Would you like a free ticket?  Two? All you have to do is some stewarding. … (read more)

10 August 2017

Little People workshop

 The Little People workshop held at Godmersham, Kent on 4th August, had 19 attendees and was very much… (read more)

4 August 2017

Quilters Guild Education and Shop Survey

The survey has been completed and prizes have been awarded.  Thank you to everyone who took part -… (read more)

8 July 2017

Time To Sew - 2

A sewing retreat at Aylesford Priory – 28 -30 April 2017 This is the 2nd retreat organised at this… (read more)

13 June 2017

Melting & Burning with Yvonne Brown

This very informative workshop was held at Golden Green Village Hall. We spent the day making either… (read more)

10 June 2017

Social Event

Come and meet other Quilters in the Borough of Bromley. We are holding a Coffee Morning on Wednesday,… (read more)

29 March 2017

SURREY has a new Area Rep

Welcome to Debi Wilkinson as Surrey's new Area Rep. Surrey is a large county and Debi would like someone… (read more)

20 March 2017

Creative Local Radio Quilt Project

Local BBC Radio in England celebrates its 50th Anniversary in November this year.  Young Quilters in… (read more)

18 March 2017

New York Beauty

The New York Beauty block is usually used to make large quilts – but our aim was to complete just… (read more)

18 February 2017

YQ Conference

Region 2 are hosting a conference for group leaders and helpers OCTOBER 22nd 2016.  LATEST UPDATE  Unfortunately… (read more)

22 October 2016

Rainbow Quilters Show Change of venue

NEW VENUE: Boys Brigade Hall, 174b Broadway, Bexleyheath, Kent, DA6 7BT11am - 4pm, £1 entry, raffle,… (read more)

1 October 2016

New YQ group at Newhaven East Sussex

The new Newhaven YQ group had their September meeting at Denton Community Centre.  We had 9 Young Quilters,… (read more)

30 September 2016

Young Quilters at Hever

This year the Young Quilters had a marquee of their own which worked very well.  Those of you that… (read more)

3 September 2016

Tombola at Hever

 'Pick Up a Penguin' Help your region by donating items  with penguins as a theme, for the annual… (read more)

2 September 2016

The First Show at Hever Castle

It all began in 1990 with a coffee morning held in Brasted Kent, and organised by Sabrina Palley hoping… (read more)

2 September 2016

FoQ Visitors Choice

We're delighted to announce that the winner of the Visitors' Choice, sponsored by the Quilters' Guild… (read more)

18 August 2016

In the Spotlight - Young Quilters

A special exhibition featuring the work of Young Quilters across the country will be held at this year's… (read more)

11 August 2016

Visit us at Festival of Quilts

This year we have produced a map of where you can find Guild stands at FOQ -because we've a lot going… (read more)

8 August 2016

BBC focus on Craft

Look out for our logo in this BBC documentary about craft - it is repeated tonight at 8 pm on BBC4 and… (read more)

14 June 2016

Talking Quilts launches website

Talking Quilts has launched online, the first UK digital Collection of recorded interviews capturing… (read more)

14 June 2016

Travelling Trunks

The Quilters' Guild Collection has two travelling collections of quilts, which can be hired by groups… (read more)

30 May 2016

International Quilt Day

Heather Quilters of Camberley celebrated International Quilt Day on Sunday 19th March.   Blocks were… (read more)

20 March 2016

1066 Quilters UPDATE

Incorrect details have been published regarding Quilt Show, check out the correct information here:… (read more)

21 November 2015

Winners at Hever

Carol Camm with  'An Heirloom Quilt' took first place as the Visitor's Choice. Visitors Choice 2nd… (read more)

16 September 2015

Hever Show was a great success

The quilts this year were of an exceptionally high standard, and we had lots of positive comments from… (read more)

15 September 2015

Quilt entries at 'Handmade and Homegrown Festival' Hever Castle September 11th - 13th

Send your entry forms, regardless of whether or not you’ve finished your quilt, it will act as an… (read more)

13 September 2015

Handmade and Homegrown Festival

  Would you like to demonstrate in the main marquee at the Handmade and Homegrown Festival at Hever… (read more)

12 September 2015

'Sussex Stash Sale Saga'

  Organised Chaos! Or The Polegate Stash Sale... I was organised. I even had a floor plan.  Labels… (read more)

7 September 2015

Suitcase collection

The region's new suitcase collection "Whatever the Weather" is available for hiring for group meetings… (read more)

6 September 2015

Region 2 Badges

We now have a stock of Region 2 badges for sale at £2.50 each. The design is very similar to the old… (read more)

6 September 2015

Getting ready for festival

From start to, almost, finished. Everyone has worked to transform the NEC into a stunning, vibrant,… (read more)

5 August 2015

Stewards wanted!

The Festival of Quilts is nearly here with all those lovely quilts to inspire us and lots of traders… (read more)

21 July 2015

Talking Quilts Oral History Project

Talking Quilts comes to the South East!  Chris Burgess will be the Region 2 coordinator for this project.… (read more)

2 July 2015

Stewarding at FoQ 2015

With half the year nearly over our thoughts turn to August and The Festival of Quilts. Would you like… (read more)

4 June 2015

Young Quilters Workshop in Surrey

  Friday 29th May 2015 at the  Lord Pirbright's Hall The Green, Pirbright, GU24 0JE Come along to… (read more)

29 May 2015