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Hever Quilt Show

Hiding Hedgehog by Barbara Kavanagh. Winner of The Hever Challenge

This year's annual Hever Quilt Show was held 1st-3rd September 2017 organised by Debra Stock and her team.

There were seven entries to The Hever Challenge which was won by Barbara Kavanagh with "Hiding Hedgehog".  Second place went to Janet Bowden's "Spiders Larder" and third place to "Forest for the Owl" by Pascale Michalski.

The main display of quilts ranged from traditional pieced to contemporary.  The visitors choice went to Tansy Martin's "Stonefields - Find the Frog".  The original pattern is by Susan Smith.  The quilt was made using hand applique and machine piecing and was custom quilted by Maggie Breakspear.

In addition to the main display were four groups showcasing their work.  Curious Threads Group, a group of contemporary quilters, showed 13 quilts representing a sculpture cube, made by Walter Bailey, found in Hannah Peschar Sculpture Gardens in Ockley. Dartford Quilters displayed four Linus quilts, which were geometric designs, made using the Modern Quilt Group tutorial.  Quercus Quilters, based in Sevenoaks, showcased their Mystery Challenge Quilts. Finally, Saturday Sew Offshoot - Mole Valley Quilters had seven First Quilts on display.  These had been made at their beginners workshop, an off shoot of the Mole Valley Quilters meeting on Saturday.

Guests in the main marquee included Project Linus, The 702373 Project and the Region 2 Guest Quilt "Decaying Leaf of Welwitschia mirabilis" by Janine Pound.