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Young Quilters at Hever

This year the Young Quilters had a marquee of their own which worked very well.  Those of you that attended will agree we were very busy most of the time. Over the three days we had 131 children taking part in the ‘Sit & Sew’, this does not include the many under fives that were given a small gift of a tooth fairy pillow, owl, lavender doll, and many more fun bits that they could choose from. 

This year our Young Quilters challenge was

       ‘ A day out at Hever Castle’

1st place for Summer of Jousting - Madeleine Morris Aged 10

2nd place for Birdseye View Of The Water Maze - Annabelle Morris Aged 8

3rd place for Butterflies In The Hever Gardens - Alice Sheridan Aged 9