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Results of your search for “hand sewing”

  • Dawn Bradfield

    Ex-pat Tyke now living in Wiltshire, I adore Sewing of all kinds and love to try new things. Machine… (read more)

  • Angela Timbrell

    I am married and living in the South West of England, although originally from South Wales. I have been… (read more)

  • Sarah Bernarde

    As well as quilting, I also do cross stitch and am now learning bobbin lace making. I may one day be… (read more)

  • Mags Smith

    I have been quilting since I moved to Newent in Gloucestershire almost 20 years ago. My interest in… (read more)

  • Ellayne Fowler

    My name is Ellayne. I began quilting in 2003, the year my son left home for University with my first… (read more)

  • Veronica Norris

    I have sewn every since I was able to sit at the table and learnt from my Mother on a Singer Hand sewing… (read more)