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East Sussex News reports- Polegate

Polegate Community Centre, Windsor Way, Polegate BN26 6QF

All workshops are from 2pm to 4pm on Saturday afternoon 

Spaces must be pre-booked via Sandra Pochin 01323 833654

November 2017

We had 14 children at our November meeting who made stuffed Christmas trees.  Jan Alston came and presented sewing machine competency certificates to some of the children.  We were supported by very loyal helpers but are still desperate for more helpers.

See below for pictures.

September 2016

This was the first meeting in our third year.  We  had 6 children and they all enjoyed making a sewing roll, which they will be bringing with them for each session,  gradually the will be able to build up their own equipment.  During the session the children  used several different stitches and did a little quilting. 

The quilting will be continued next session when we will be making some pictorial wall hangings.

Our next meeting will be 15th October June

Our project was a travel pack using strip piecing to make a rail fence pattern for the outside.  We made pockets for tissues and wet wipes!  Darcy decorated hers with a flower. 

Megan took her kit home, as she’s been making her first quilt.  This time we layered it ready for quilting.  She’s going to try and get it hand quilted so that we can bind it next time, but if she doesn’t manage it, we’ll try and use the walking foot attachment and quilt it on the machine.

See Darcy and Megan's lovely work in the gallery below. 


In April we made a patchwork house block.  The pieces were cut out on the Sizzix machine and everyone had a turn doing the cutting.  When the block was finished, we lined it and turned it into a pocket on a bag. Some of us sewed on a button to make a doorknob on the house, and some of us added flowers for the garden.  Morgan wore her bag as a hat, but Alice and Amber show theirs off differently...

At our 21st May meeting we will be making a cushion using Japanese folded patchwork, and on 19th June we will be making a picture using Shadow Quilting.  We don’t know yet what we’ll be doing in July, but after that we have the summer holiday

January 16th 2016

Polegate Young Quilters had their first meeting of the New Year  and made Crazy Puppets!  The children were given a basic front and back shape in felt, and then encouraged to make and add ears, noses, mouths, hair, beards, buttons  etc and were treated to googly eyes when they were ready.  

We ended up with a frog, two unicorns, a rabbit and a number of relatively unidentified creatures and a good time was had by all.  Anyone who finished early got to make a finger puppet as well.  Next month – aprons!


October 17th

A very happy afternoon was spent making Indian birds to hang. Why not have a go yourself?

Indian Bird Instructions 

June 20th - Owl Doorstops

Nine of our existing Young Quilters were able to come along and we also had a new recruit from Worthing. All the girls thoroughly enjoyed making their colourful owls.  Some became cuddly toys while others were filled with sand to act as doorstops.  With the system that had been devised, and a lot of cooperation, very little sand was spilled.  Two of the older girls also managed to make round zippered purses, with a loop so they could be attached to a belt. One YQ had a turn on a Janome Horizon and was particularly impressed with the thread-cutting facility.  I think she’s trying to work out how to add such a feature to her elderly Singer…

11 April – Spring flowers – shadow quiltingPolegate Young Quilters spent their April meeting making pictures of spring flowers.  The younger ones used simple applique and Megan C’s Mum and Gran definitely enjoyed it as much as she did.  Meanwhile, the older ones were learning English paper piecing to make flowers out of hexagons.  Two of our helpers – the money lady and the tea lady – also decided they wanted to have a go with the big girls!  Many thanks as usual to all our stalwart volunteer

14 March – Easter Rabbit and egg
Our young quilters were 'hopping' with enthusiasm.