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Crawley Down Young Quilters

We recently held a workshop making drawstring bags.  We had a low take up for this workshop as it seemed that everyone had gone on holiday, however the six girls that came along, had a lovely time, decorating and then assembling their bags.

We had a selection of appliques cut out for them to choose from, and they were also able to add their initials, and thread through a sparkly cord.

They were all really pleased with the result.  See the photos in the Gallery below

Jayne Hardy


Crawley Down Young Quilters

In the Easter holidays seven keen Young Quilters aged from 6 to 10, met for a workshop entitled "Funky Chickens and Friends".  We had pre-cut fabrics, and die cut felt rabbits, so that each child had the chance to complete a rabbit and "Easter Bunny".  This was a mix of hand and machine sewing, and some of the children take persuasion to work by hand.  They do love the sewing machines, and we are working on their knowledge of the workings of a sewing machine.

As you will see by the photos below, they were very proud of their efforts.  We are now planning our next session for the Summer holidays.


We have now been meeting in Crawley Down for almost three years, and although some of our older girls have now moved on, we still have more enthusiastic girls joining us.

At half term we met to make felt bags. We had a smaller number of girls this time, only nine, but that made it easier for everyone to get help when needed.They cut the felt from a template supplied, sewed it together on the machine, and then had fun decorating with beads and felt flowers.

Thank you once again to all our loyal helpers, and to Morag, who keeps coming up with fun new ideas.

See our gallery of pictures below

Jayne Hardy


In August we had our 10th session, with 12 girls aged from 5 to 10 decorating tote bags.  We had stocked up on calico tote 
bags in Hobbycraft and these proved ideal for the girls to decorate using applique and buttons.  They chose designs of butterfies, houses, cats and beach huts, and as you will see from the photographs they had a great time.

In April we had 11 children happily making Easter themed items.They could choose a rabbit shaped bag or a decorated felt tray.Both of these are ideal for them to keep their Easter eggs safe, or to store their other treasures.

We are planning our next session for August, so if anyone would like to join us please contact me, we also welcome new helpers.

Jayne Hardy

See our gallery pictures below. 


In half term we held our 8th Young Quilters event in Crawley Down.We had 16 keen children, including 3 boys, making strings of birds.

They all managed to complete their birds in the allotted time, decorating them with felt wings and brightly coloured tail feathers.

Thank you to Morag for organising the project, and all the other helpers who continue to support us.

Jayne Hardy

Photos in the gallery

 We had another fully booked Young Quilters event at the Glebe Centre in Crawley Down.  We had fifteen children, including 
a record number of three boys making owl and penguin bunting.  The children could choose which one to make first, and most managed to complete one project, and start on the second.  They could then take all the fabrics etc. for the second project to complete at home.  As you can see from the photo, we had lots of completed birdy bunting, and a great time was had by all.
Thank you to all our helpers, who are so keen and enthusiastic (like the 
See our Gallery pictures below : please note that Jennie Rayment holds the copyright for the designs and YQ's had her full permission to use them. 
Jayne Hardy


On a very wet day 13 Young Quilters met in Crawley Down to make nine patch cushions.  

We had precut the squares, and prepared the backing fabric ready for them.  They all chose their packs of fabric and laid 

their squares out as they wanted them.  These were sewn together on the new sewing machines provided for us by the region.  Then the children added their own choice of embellishments, buttons, fabric flowers and hearts.   We helped  to put the back on and turn the cushion the right way out.  We had provided cushion pads, so everyone went home with a finished cushion.

Our next session will be in October half term, so if you are interested in coming along to help or have a child who would like to join us, 
please contact me for details.

Jayne Hardy.


 During the Easter holidays we held our latest workshop. We had sixteen participants, fifteen girls and one boy, making stuffed fabric owls. We had prepared kits for each child, with fabrics and felt features. They had to cut out and sew the owls, adding the beak, eyes and claws, and then stuff them.

They all managed to complete their owls in the two and a half hour session, and also to make an Easter card from ready prepared applique pieces.

I would like to thank all our helpers who did a great job, we are now making plans for our next event in the Summer holidays, and if you would like to join us as a helper, then please contact me.

Jayne Hardy.

February 24th

Crawley Down

This February half term we held our fourth Young Quilters workshop in Crawley Down. We had thirteen girls aged from six to twelve, eagerly making tote bags.

We used the fabrics kindly donated by Coats, which we had pre-cut prior to the session. The girls used the sewing machines to make their bags in a stitch and flip style.

Thanks to our wonderful helpers we managed to complete all the bags in two and a half hours. As you can see from the photos they all turned out very well, and the girls were very proud of them.

Jayne Hardy 01342 717641


This October half term we held our third Young Quilters event in Crawley Down. We had 16 enthusiastic girls happily making Christmas stockings. We had pre cut the stockings, and had a selection of ribbons fabric etc. for them to embellish their stockings. Some of them were very ambitious, and all were very keen to use the sewing machines to decorate and assemble their stockings.

As you can see from the photo, we managed to get them all finished, and they were all proud of their efforts.

We are lucky to be meeting in a brand new hall, with regular helpers, however we would be happy to hear from any guild members who would like to help with these lovely girls.

Our next session will be in February half term, booking forms will be available nearer the time, but do let me know if you are interested in helping or have a young person who would be interested in joining us.

Jayne Hardy  01342 717641